Butterfly Knife: What Is It and Is It Worth It?

Are you a knife collector or an outdoorsman looking for a suitable knife to carry during your upcoming camping trip? Whatever the case, balisong knives or butterfly knives are a great option. These knives are used for several purposes, including descaling a fish, cutting tightly tied ropes, and carrying out complex balisong knife tricks. It’s all-purpose equipment ideal for use by knife collectors and outdoors people. If you are looking for a butterfly knife, you’ll find a wide collection in the market, and they are available in different sizes and styles.

Below we’ve covered things worth considering when purchasing butterfly knives;

Tips for Buying a Butterfly Knife

Consider legal implications

Butterfly knives are legal or illegal based on the place you live. For instance, these knives are illegal in Canada. If they are not allowed in your country, you should not buy one to avoid getting into trouble with the authorities.

Look for a trainer

You can do various fancy tricks with butterfly knives, and you could be aware of this, especially if you are not a beginner. And the experience is damn cool. But beginners do not know how to go about everything. If that’s you, you should consider getting a trainer to train you on how to flip your butterfly knife.

That’s why getting a trainer is essential. While in the learning process, your trainer will make the knife blunt to ensure you don’t get injured. But the trainer blades are the best. They are less costly and safer than ‘actual’ butterfly knives with a real edge.

How do you plan to use it?

Most people who purchase butterfly blades mainly utilize them in the following ways;

To practice tricks- you can learn tricks using YouTube videos available or read blog posts about the same.

Self-defense- a butterfly knife is an excellent defense tool. However, you need to learn all the basic knife laws if you intend to use your knife primarily for defense. Note, you’ll need a knife with a sharp blade if you need one for self-defense. But when it comes to other purposes, such as practicing tricks, you don’t have to worry about the quality of the blade.

No apparent reason- if you have no specific reason for purchasing a butterfly knife, you can purchase it due to its aesthetic appeal. This knife is an excellent addition to your tools.

What are your preferences about the handle material or type?

Talking of the handle material, there are a variety of choices. But the most popular options include titanium and stainless steel. To make a difference, you should select a wood handle that best suits your needs. For example, some prefer titanium since it is strong and lightweight. Others prefer stainless steel because it’s resistant to corrosion.

When purchasing a butterfly knife, you should select one that feels comfortable on your hands. That’s because you could get the worst experience if you opt to use a butterfly knife that’s uncomfortable, awkward, and heavy, especially when practicing tricks.¬† Here is what you need to find a perfect butterfly knife.

Test how the knife feels before purchasing it- before paying for your preferred butterfly knife, hold it so you feel it. Once it gets to your palm, you’ll know whether it’s stainless, titanium or G-10. Make sure you buy a tool that you can use comfortably.

Brands and pricing

Balisong knives do not have a set price. The price depends on several factors, such as brand, purpose, and the seller. But it’s indeed true that a ‘real’ knife costs more than a trainer blade, and so you should expect to dig a dipper in your pocket for the former. Nevertheless, you should never go for knives whose quality is compromised, even if they cost less.