How to Create a Diamond From Ashes

The process of creating a diamond from ashes is a fascinating and unique way to recycle ashes. Diamonds are made up of purely carbon and belong to a class of minerals called native elements. Because of their composition, ashes are an excellent source of diamonds for the re-shaping process. If you’ve ever heard of diamond mining, you might have wondered how the process works. Here’s how it works.

The creation of a diamond from ashes can also help the family deal with a loved one’s death. Companies like Saintdiamonds create solace stones from ashes and use them to honor the deceased. This process is also easier to transport than urns, and can be a meaningful way to remember a loved one. A diamond can be a perfect memorial for a loved one. The diamond can be custom-made in any color, and can even include a name on the edge of the stone.

In addition to being water-resistant, diamonds made from ashes are a beautiful way to commemorate a loved one. These stones are also waterproof, so the goldsmith won’t have to worry about losing the ashes. Cremation diamonds also make for a wonderful alternative to traditional methods of disposition, and you can find a company that makes them online. It’s important to ensure the ashes you choose are pure.

Diamonds are made from carbon, which is present in human bodies in 20 percent. A diamond made of carbon is made by processing the remains of the deceased at high temperatures. Cremation of the body leaves behind a precious stone that will last for millions of years. The ashes of your loved one can also be used to create a diamond. However, this method has a few disadvantages. Many diamond experts have expressed doubts and misgivings about the process.

Making a diamond from ashes is not an uncommon practice. Diamond-making companies often provide online tracking services to keep track of the progress of the creation process. You can even arrange for a local delivery of the finished product, if desired. Some companies also offer a personal touch, such as a message inscribed on the diamond. Ultimately, there is nothing more personal than having a diamond made from ashes. It’s a unique and meaningful way to remember a loved one.

In addition to the benefits of an ashes-to-diamond creation, Saintdiamonds offers several customization options. You can choose from a variety of carats and colors and customize the settings. If you want something completely custom-made, Saintdiamonds jewelers are happy to help you with this. In addition to Saintdiamonds, you can also get it set at a local jewelry store. The process can take anywhere from eleven months to complete.

Depending on how much ash you want to include, you can choose between a single-carat or a multi-carat ring. Most people choose a ring in an ashes-ring setting. There are many designs to choose from, including a solitaire or dangle style. A diamond made of cremated ashes can be worth tens of thousands of dollars. If you’re going to be buying a diamond for a memorial, you should consider these factors and choose wisely.