If you do not like shoes with heels and decide to opt for platform or wedge sandals, but do not know the significant differences between them, then the reliable online shoe store will be happy to help you figure it out. Shoes on the rise, whether it be wedges or platforms of different heights, always look advantageous on any foot, making a woman taller and slimmer, moreover, these models look great in combination with any image, and also effectively complement different styles.

Stylish sandals: What is better to choose – wedge heel or platform?

Wedge heels are an original type of solid sole, which gradually thickens from toe to heel, which is why stylish women’s wedge sandals are considered more comfortable than shoes with heels. The platform is a flat and most often wide sole, which has almost the same height in the forefoot and heel. Sandals with platform are ideal for those who appreciate comfort and practicality, in addition to the date, platform shoes, including sandals are pretty popular and up to date, so it is imperative to pay attention to these shoes. The main differences between wedge and platform sandals are as follows:

  • Women’s wedge sandals are more graceful and neat, and the platform makes the shoes massive and heavy, which looks great, for example, in a sporty style.
  • As a rule, wedge sandals, which the online store offers in a wide range, have a narrowing in the toe, and leather or suede platform sandals do not taper in the toe, which provides special comfort for women of fashion.

You can buy stylish women’s sandals that perfectly match the platform and heel, which looks very beautiful and fashionable. The wedge can also perfectly match the platform and have a beautiful transition.

Women’s sandals on the Internet, which online footwear stores have in a huge assortment, will be able to satisfy every fashionista, since the presence of a variety of models, colours and sizes will definitely allow you to find your owner. The online shoe store recommends paying attention to the following trendy models of women’s sandals:

  • Stylish sandals made of genuine leather on a platform of medium height with a closed heel, wide strap and a beautiful closure at the ankle. This type of model is presented in powdery, white colour and will perfectly match any clothes.
  • Striking black platform sandals with eye-catching lettering with open heel and multiple wide straps. This model is suitable for jeans and sportswear.

Women’s sandals to buy: Why choose Online footwear store?

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