Signification and meaning of a Toi Et Moi engagement ring

On a hunt for a romantic ring for your partner? Then a Tot Et Moi ring might just be the one you need. If you are looking for a gift that will symbolize your relationship, the perfect thing will be a Tot Et Moi ring also known as a relationship ring. Everyone will love a diamond ring as a gift, right! Then why wait for the proposal time to give it. Instead of waiting for a perfect time to propose, you can surprise your loved one now itself with an amazing Tot Et Moi ring.

Meaning of Tot Et Moi and what does a Tot Et Moi ring symbolize?

Tot Et Moi means “You and I” in french. A Tot Et Moi engagement ring is composed of precious stones that are placed side by side, usually the two stones are the same size. This ring puts into words the unity you have with your partner. That is the reason Tot Et Moi rings are usually gifted to the significant other on a valentines day or wedding anniversary. Tot Et Moi rings are also called relationship rings which are not mostly opted to be engagement rings.

Napoleon bonapart’s Tot Et Moi ring

Tot Et Moi rings were popular as engagement rings in the 19th and 20th century. Way back in time, in 1776 the former french commander Napoleon Bonapart gave a Tot Et Moi ring to his fiance who was 6 years senior to him. The was made from diamond and sapphire. Around 236 long years later, in 2013 the ring was sold for 730,000 euros. It was sold in an auction at 50 times more than it was anticipated to be sold.

Romantic symbolisation of a Tot Et Moi ring 

Apart from the eternity ring, Tot Et Moi ring is also on the high end for romantic symbolism. And here are the reasons why?

  1. The first is that it’s a ring, a ring is something that forms a bond and commitment between two people, even though it’s not an engagement or wedding ring.
  2. The closeness of the two stones, this itself speaks more than words. The symbolisation of it is two individual stones combining through the bond of a ring.
  3. A diamond or any other precious stone is the symbolisation of purity and love.
  4. Putting a sapphire also has a lot of meaning, sapphire symbolises fidelity and truth, rubies show beauty, passion and happiness.

When is the perfect time to get a Tot Et Moi ring?

A relationship ring or Tot Et Moi ring shows commitment. The engagement ring finger is reserved for the engagement but a Tot Et Moi ring is something to give when you are looking to be with that person, but are not thinking as far as getting married.

Conclusion: A Tot Et Moi ring is meant to symbolize commitment and bond between two people. You can give it as an engagement ring or can save it for anniversaries,it can also be given before the engagement on a valentines day etc.