Some Of The Many Star Wars Models You Can Make From Lego

Lego is something that millions of girls and boys worldwide love to play with, and it is a toy that can ignite the imagination of children and adults alike. You can buy many different Lego sets that you can build and create a world of endless possibilities, and it also encourages creativity. Lego is available in many different themes, and most significant movie franchises know they have made it when there is a Lego set depicting the franchise. Below are some of the various themes of Lego sets you can buy that lots of girls and boys would love to receive.

Star Wars

For over 40 years, Star Wars has been a favourite of moviegoers, both children and adults, and you can buy various Lego Star Wars sets. You can recreate iconic scenes from the nine movies they released, and some of the best ones include:

  • The Millennium Falcon
  • AT-AT
  • R2D2
  • Sith TIE Fighter
  • The Death Star
  • Dagobah

There are hundreds of different Lego Star Wars sets you can buy and have lots of fun building and playing with, but there are plenty of other options available.

Harry Potter

Another iconic movie series you can get in Lego form is the Harry Potter franchise, and there are many models you can make, including Hogwarts castle. You can build the models, recreate scenes from the movies, and have lots of fun making new adventures. There are many different sets you can buy, and you can also combine the various Hogwarts castle sets together and make a massive model of this famous wizarding castle.

Jurassic World

Jurassic World is another popular movie franchise which has seen multiple films, and there are also lots of Lego sets you can buy in this theme. You can purchase and build various vehicles and scenes from the movie and bring the action to life in your home. If you have a child that loves these movies and Lego, this is the perfect combination for them and can give them countless hours of pleasure.


The Marvel universe is massive and has been made even larger with the various Lego Marvel sets you can purchase. There are multiple characters you can get in Lego, such as:

  • Iron Man
  • The Hulk
  • Thanos
  • Venom
  • Spider-Man
  • Thor

You can spend countless hours recreating the scenes from the movies and making your own stories, and most fans of the Marvel franchise will love to receive their favourite characters in Lego.