The importance of choosing the right sandals for you

Compared to shoes, sandals are more synonymous with casual style. But still, choosing sandals should not be arbitrary.

If you choose the wrong sandal, you can be sure your feet will feel uncomfortable. In fact, sandals should have maximum comfort. At least, you follow some of the following tips to find the right sandal model.

Sandal size

Comfort is the main key when you want to buy sandals. Because usually, when wearing shoes that make your feet blister or sore, you will shift your choice to sandals. If sandals are also uncomfortable to wear, then what’s the point?

First, find the right size. It will make your feet more comfortable when standing. If the size is too narrow, the feet will hurt. Sandals that are too loose are also prone to slipping and can hurt your feet.

Pay attention to the selection of materials

Materials are an important supporting factor in the comfort of wearing sandals. It’s very diverse. You have to find a material that is comfortable. Some feel stiffer and tougher, so your feet get a little scuffed when you wear them.

It’s a good idea to try first before buying. If you are shopping online, make sure you check the authenticity of the goods with the seller.

Comfort in standing is determined by the slipper sole part. The sole serves to support the entire foot, so when choosing the soft part of the sole you will benefit more.

Usually wearing flat sandals is widely chosen. But sandals that are too flat will make the heel feel sore, because the cushions are hard. So choose a slightly thick sole so that the foot is more comfortable.

The classical model that is not timeless era

When compared to women who had plenty of choice, men’s slippers may be more limited. Most men are enough with just one sandal.

Therefore, choose cheap sandals that have a classic model. The classic model will continue to exist for years to come so that it is timeless. If you choose seasonal sandals, when the model is no longer a trend, you will lose.

Must be flexible

Sandals now come with various technologies. Including the overall level of flexibility of the model. The more flexible, the more comfortable the sandals are to wear.

If you buy online, you may not be able to try it. We recommend that you dig deeper into the seller’s information regarding the flexibility of the sandals you want.

Neutral colours are better

Not that neutral colours don’t match, but sandals are meant to be worn with any combination. So, neutral colours tend to be safer.

Sandals are widely presented in black, brown, army green, to navy. The whole colour will be very easy to accompany your daily life.

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