The Science Behind Slime: Making the best slime from household ingredients

Slime has been around for many years now. Over time, slime manufacturers have refined their production processes, to create an amazing blend of slime products. The most famous slime shops, however, take slime-making to the next level. The variety of creations, quality of products, and stunning packaging, set kids’ imaginations on fire! But have you through to explain to your kids how slime gets to be slime?

Sliming 101 For Kids

To keep it succinct, slime is the product of a chemical reaction between borate ion and polyvinyl alcohol. So, where do you find these ingredients? Well, a quick and easy way to get them is look in your pantry, your medicine cabinet, or your school stationery draw.   All you need is:

  • PVA glue (for polyvinyl alcohol)
  • Baking Soda (for bicarbonate of soda); and
  • contact lens solution (to mix with your baking soda)

Mix them all together, and voila! You have a rudimentary version of slime. How does that happen? Well, technically speaking, the chemical reaction from the various ingredients transforms slime’s ability to withstand tensile stress. While other products, like candied sugar or brittle plastic, may shatter and break into pieces, slime’s ingredients create molecular-level changes that prevent that from happening.

Famous slime shops online then add additional levels of ingredients into the mix, such as scents, colours and add-ons like sprinkles and sparkles. They also change their formulas to create products with different viscosity and texture. Some slime gracefully pours out of its container – without spilling over or leaking. They have low viscosity and just flow like thick syrup. Other varieties are like soft clay that kids use to make things. These products won’t easily lose their shape.

The Easier…and More Exciting Approach

While your kids (and you, too!) might feel entertained for a short time, making their own slime, that excitement wares off quickly. An easier, and more exciting approach to use slime for best experiences, is to source your slime online. Why scrounge around your kitchen for ingredients? Why scavenge through your pantry to find products to create a great plaything for the children? Wouldn’t you rather use that time and effort playing and interacting with your kids instead?

Building your own slime as a one-time project may be fun. However, when your children see their friends playing with amazing varieties of slime, sourced from some of the most famous slime shops online, they’ll want some of those products too.  And, the good news is that they can have them – and it’s as easy as going online and placing an order in just a few clicks.

From Chocolate Covered Strawberries and Teddy Bear Fuzz, to Mystical Love Donuts and delicious chocolate and hazelnut spread Nutella Gloss. Even if you tried your best, you’d never match these creations using kitchen-sourced, pantry-stored ingredients.  The ingredients are safe. The manufacturing technologies are sound, using slime best in class production techniques. And, once the products arrive at your door, and you unpack them, you’ll have the best sliming experience ever – guaranteed!