Things To Know Before Shopping For Vintage Décor And Furniture!

Talk to a few interior designers, and they will tell you that vintage is in vogue. For the longest time, homeowners were eager to spend to contemporary style, but the new trend is ‘old’. What qualifies as “vintage”? To be fair, anything that is reminiscent of an era gone by can be considered as vintage. Some people like to qualify products that are at least 30 years old in this category, but it really depends on many factors. In case of antiques, a product needs to be at least a hundred years old. We have a few tips for vintage furniture interior decor for 2020, so that you can shop like a pro.

Be pragmatic about vintage products

No matter whether you are buying a fireplace, or a piece of furniture, you have to understand that vintage products are never perfect or in mint condition. Yes, vintage décor products are restored to some extent, but the marks of aging make the investment worthwhile. At the same time, just because something is vintage doesn’t mean that it is not practical or usable. Always check the condition of the product you choose, and don’t shy away from asking questions.

Find the latest trends

In 2020, you will see a lot of distressed, old looks. The appeal of rustic designs will continue, and more people will be willing to buy furniture that have signature aging marks. Another trend that’s huge at the moment is the use of old metals and worn-out finishes, especially brass and copper. In terms of textures and fabrics, velvet is back in trend, and you can also safely invest in old rugs, throws and carpets, which have been refurbished. Vintage lighting in form of old lamps and chandeliers are also likely to make a comeback.

Don’t follow the rulebook

Yes, because there isn’t any! When you are shopping for vintage, keep in mind that there are no dos and don’ts. It really depends on what you seek for your home, and it is completely okay to have a big vintage table in the center of a contemporary home. Don’t shy away from taking a design risk now and then, and with vintage furniture, you can never really go wrong. The good news is such items can be sold later, and you will usually make a profit.

Check online to find stores for vintage décor and furniture items in your area.