Why Women’s Fashion Footwear Sells Like A Hotcake?

Ask any woman how she feels looking at fetch-worthy shoes and she would certainly say how her hearts seems to race looking at varieties around. That ‘jolt of joy’ or ‘splash of happiness’ is natural for the woman who knows shoes occupy a pivotal place in her life. As per records, a Christian Louboutin flash sale is one of the most coveted offers in this world, and a pair of shoes is sold every 9 seconds! Almost all of them are bought off within a couple of hours. Yes, this is indeed what we would say ‘ravenous purchasing’, but that’s how maddening the rush can be for footwear among women.

Site data stuns everyone

Loubotin’s site is a frequently visited e-store, throughout the world. The site’s director, Stephanie Phair had said that shoes is the “fastest shopping” that occurs. Even when women have tons of things to finish at the workplace, they can simply trigger their fingers to make a purchase almost instantaneously (faster than clothes). A film that did the rounds on womens flat shoes, sneakers, pumps, peep toes, heels and more; dealt with obsession of women regarding shoes. In common parlance, women’s shoes account for no less than 60% of the total $40 billion value of shoes that US claims to sell on an average, every year. The film titled God Save My Shoes was praised by fans and critics alike, and stays one of the most watched films. Director Julie Benasra had interviewed several freaks of shoes and also collectors, whop delved on shoes to a great extent.

Was there any need for shoe-based movie?

Julie said how the brainchild was that of the producer’s. The previous documentary saw him looking at the sneakers’ collection and wondering how on earth people can stock in so much! While men might be a little inclined towards sneakers, but womens fashion sneakers and shoes overall are common to no less than 90% women.

How much is present to speak about shoes?

There are actually multiple layers in terms of shoes. This is true in respect to the psychological, social and cultural standpoints. There is a lot of symbolism in shoes that only experts can unravel through. The film was about an hour’s duration, but the director said how making it 3 hours would have been the most appropriate one- especially going by the content.

But why is it that most shoe designers are males?

Strangely enough, men are some of the best designers. Whether in clothing or shoes, there are names that are associated with this industry now- Karl Lagerfeld, Jean Paul Gaultier and more. Actually, in terms of shoemaking, the work passed on from father to son. The task was rather difficult- for there were basic tools like the leather, nails, hammer and so on. This way, the historical tradition has manifested itself into something bigger now. But what needs to witness change at the earliest is the distinguishing between males or females.

The interview, which can be read on eluxuryc-shop.com, ended quite well. But most importantly, it answered most of our queries on why women can’t seem to resist themselves upon seeing shoes.